Lilith Ember

Letters For My Lovers is born from the twisted mind of Lilith Ember. Like many, she struggled to accept her fiery passion but eventually came to terms that she was just like every other woman: a dirty little slut.

Fellow erotica aficionado and friend Anthony Elliot wrote of her:

She lived in a way that often surpasses the most reactionary amongst us. Perhaps even the most open. I never stopped defending her, even when amidst the shocked crowd. Had she been ginger, we would have branded her a witch. I don’t mean in the middle-ages, because stigmatizing independent, free women is still common, we just don’t burn them anymore.”

Her musings, inspired by real life and fictional events are meant to titillate your senses, make you feel desire and desired. You are all the inspiration behind these stories, so be like Lilith and embrace every moment with erotic intent.

We are all one and the same, it’s just about admitting it to one’s self.

Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”
― Oscar Wilde

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